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Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan. Therefore, you can find many amazing places to visit here. Let us walk you through the city.


This city never disappoints people coming for shopping. There are numerous shopping markets in the city to suit your budget.

  • The commercial market is a renowned vast shopping market located in the city. The market has numerous shopping spots ranging from small shops to high rise towers. It is all in one shopping market for twin cities residents. The market is also house to famous food points. So, all your shopping and appetite needs can be well served here.

  • Saddar Rawalpindi is among one of the famous quality shopping locations in the city. Apart from shopping, there is a wide range of restaurants in Saddar. You may fall in dilemma upon the sight of numerous food points in the market. The best approach to select for dine-in from the numerous options is to target the type of cuisine. Hotels in Rawalpindi Saddar mostly offer Pakistani, Italian, and Chinese cuisines.

  • Famous shopping malls of Rawalpindi also include Midway Center, Rabi Center, Gold Point Mall, China Market, Al-Jannat Mall, Shan Shopping Mall, and Rafay Mall. If you have a limited budget and want to get the most out of it, head to Raja Bazar of Rawalpindi where you can find all articles at reasonable prices.

Rawalpindi also offers many parks cum recreational spots

  • Important recreational spots include Ayub National Park, Jinnah Park Rawalpindi and Nawaz sharif park.

  • Murree road connects Rawalpindi to Islamabad and remains mostly occupied in busy hours so it's best to follow alternative routes. The best approach would be to plan well before the actual time if you plan to opt travelling via Murree road.