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About Multan

    Multan, known as the city of saints, is Pakistan’s seventh most populous city. It is also the central city of Southern Punjab. Its history dates back to the old Indus Valley civilization that existed 5000 years ago.

    Multan’s history stretches deep into antiquity. The ancient city was site of the renowned Hindu Multan Sun Temple, and was designed by Alexander the Great during the Mallian Campaign. Multan was one of the most important trading centres of medieval Islamic India, and attracted a multitude of Sufi mystics in 11th and 12th centuries, which earned the title for city as “City of Saints”.

    Multan has remained an economic and cultural centre under different rulers and is extremely famous for its beautiful shrines, its unique architecture, food, Sufi music, parks, old buildings, traditions and cultural manifestations.


  • Ibn e Qasim Bagh

  • Lush and green Ibn e Qasim Bagh is located on the site of Qasim Fort, the fort is not in its authentic form now though.

  • Alexander vans Agnew Memorial

  • The British government also built the memorial of Alexander Agnew in Qasim Fort. It stands tall and is visible from far off places.

  • Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam

  • The shrine is worth a visit for anyone visiting Multan. The shrine is built with red tiles and is a masterpiece of medieval architecture.

  • Shrine of Bahaudin Zakariya Multani

  • The shrine of Bahaudin Zakariya, who was a notable saint of Suharwardia order, is also situated here.The shrine is also a significant architectural site and a popular mystical site. Bahaudin Zakariya was the grandfather of Shah Rukn e Alam.

  • Qasim Lake in Multan

  • Tourists who wish to experience something unique and different should definitely visit the beautiful Lake.