Get a Cabcall Taxi  Pehawar is a medium-sized town based located at the Pakistan . 

Lahore has a 091 phone taxi code . cabcall covers all of 091 code area.

Cabcall operates all areas of Peshawar. 

The town centre sits towards the south and is only 140 miles from the Islamabad.

Cabcall operates very professional Airport Transfer taxis. Passengers can be picked up or dropped off at any Pakistan airport including, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan and Queta.

Cabcall operates a very large Minibus Taxi Service and caters for larger groups of either 6, 7, 8 or 16 passengers. Cabcall Minibuses has at least 100 vehicles in its minibus fleet.

Peshawar Zalmi Cricket Club is keenly supported by the locals.

Peshawar is one of the most accessible locations in the KPK. Sitting at the heart of the country with M1, all considered local to Peshawar. This allows Cabcall Cars to operate private hire taxis to nearby and national destinations. Cabcall guarantees the cheapest long-distance fares.

There are many schools in Peshawar and Cabcall can help with school runs both morning and afternoon.

Peshawar plays host to a large campus of University Of Peshawar in the area of Hayatabad .

The Cabcall taxi firm supplies a taxi option in Peshawar. Customers can phone 051 885 0000, use our app or web booker.